What's Your Favorite Adjective, and How Would You Use It in a Sentence? 

Week of June 6, 2001

Fred Wooten
Inspector, Ford Motor Co.
"'Black.' Black is powerful, versatile and sexy. I love to drive a fast black Porsche."

Carrie Fathman
Volunteer Coordinator, Youth, Education & Health in Soulard (YEHS)
"I like 'stubborn.' It's so ... unmoving. There's no room for compromise. My mom was stubborn, too. It's a good trait. With stubborn, I think of little boys. Nails, too: 'That nail is so stubborn, I can't pull it out of the wall.'"

Jamie Tisoto
Chemical Operator, Ethyl Corp.
"'Big.' Everybody wants bigger: bigger houses, bigger paychecks, bigger thrills. While in the Navy, I went on the carrier U.S.S. Enterprise. First thing, we unloaded into the hangar bay. I was just awed by it. I said, 'My God, this is big!' No other adjective would do. It was big, J.D. Rockefeller big."

Steven Williams
Sales Rep, WSSM (106.5 FM)
"'Grandiose.' That fits me. My hopes and dreams started in such a grandiose fashion, only to have them dashed to bits on the jagged rocks below."

Nathan Lueck
Lord's Bastard
"'Billowy.' Today, I saw a guy on the street after lunch, talking on his cell phone. He was wearing billowy pants -- like MC Hammer pants, only more classy. I did a double-take. I like the idea of them, and there was a style to it -- but not a style I'd want to get into."

Jake Amundson
Graphic Designer/Artist
"There's so many with art. Art can be overwhelming, trite, inspiring, ethereal -- there's an adjective. The ethereal nature of a work of art is its essence, is your spiritual connection to it, beyond the mere physical properties of the work. Sometimes the ethereal properties of the work move me beyond the artist's intentions."

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