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March 24, 2008 Slideshows

Women's roller derby season debuts in St. Louis 

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Short shorts and high socks may fool one into thinking these women are dainty. Nope. They're tough girls who bang it out on skates. Photos by Nichole Torpea.
OF 23
A pair of Stunt Devils get limber.
The Arch Rival Roller Girls held the opening of their third season on March 22 at the All American Sports Mall in South County.
In flat-track roller derby, there are three main positions. “Pivots” can be recognized by the stripe on their helmets. They control the speed of their team members and serve as the last line of defense against an opposing scorer.
A message from referee Rockity Roller.
Heckle, heckle, heckle.
The Smashinistas vs. The Stunt Devils...
Roller derby is full of quick tight movements, shown here by Smashinista “The Educator” (right) and Stunt Devil “Artemischief” (left).
A warning to those who chose the latter.
Stunt Devil fans cheer for their winning team.
Fans could choose to watch from high above…
...or right on the track.
The rest of the team consists of “Blockers.” They assist the “Pivots” in defense.
Although the game started off fairly even, the Smashinistas couldn’t stop the Stunt Devil’s jammer from dominating.
Mike Madison, announcer of the evening, explained the rules of roller derby and gave the bout play by play.
A Stunt Devil victory!
One of derby’s youngest Smashinista fans, Ike Sciaroni, and his father, Vince, anticipate the start of the season opener.
“Jammers” are indicated by the star on their helmet. They are the only member on a team that can score and are known for their speed and agility.
Scorekeepers stood in the middle of the track, indicating which team had the lead jammer, or in this case, no jammer at all.
The game consisted of three 20 minute periods. During the intermissions, the crowd was entertained with a mock western-style showdown, “ask a roller girl,” and an audience raffle.
Head referee Magnum P.I.M.P. attempts (and succeeds) to jump over seven participants during the second derby intermission.
There are moves in roller derby are illegal and can cause a player some time in the penalty box. Starry Starry Fight awaits the end of her penalty and the go ahead from time keeper Ana Warpath.
Proving that it takes more than fishnets and a clever name to be a roller girl, these ladies have to take some hard hits.
The final score.
A pair of Stunt Devils get limber.

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