Missouri Is One of the Most CBD-obsessed States, Study Says

Show-Me State residents have been busy googling CBD products

click to enlarge Tincture of CBD sits next to its box.
Missourians Google CBD a lot.

Missouri has made its way into another list — and this time, it’s for being one of the most CBD-obsessed states in the country.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it turns out that Missourians like to search CBD — a lot.

The study, compiled by Leafwell, a company that helps people receive medical marijuana cards, analyzed data from Google Trends to determine its ranking list. It looked for keywords and phrases associated with CBD, including THC, medical marijuana, CBD, CBD oil, medical marijuana, cannabis, buy CBD, what is CBD and THC.

From there, the study developed a total search score for each state that determined how often people search for CBD-related answers on Google.

Missouri finished 10th, with a total score of 476, with the most frequent search terms being THC, what is CBD and CBD.

Oklahoma finished with the highest score of 562, making it the most CBD-obsessed state. Vermont and New Mexico finished second and third, with scores of 539 and 533, respectively.
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