Review: Vibe Cannabis Hits the Sweet Spot With Its Gelato Strain

The popular cultivar definitely lives up to its reputation

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click to enlarge Gelato is one of the more celebrated cannabis strains. - TOMMY CHIMS
Gelato is one of the more celebrated cannabis strains.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Gelato is one of the most celebrated weed strains of all time.

After being crafted through a Bay Area collaboration, cannabis breeder Mr. Sherbinski's creation has become one of those uber-popular strains beloved by smokers and celebrated with many shout-outs in rap lyrics. The late, great Young Dolph named his 2017 album after the cultivar. It has the genetics of the popular Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain via Cookies and Sherbinski's Sunset Sherbert. It has been a building block of other popular strains, such as Runtz and Biscotti. It also has many popular phenotypes, such as Gelato #41 and Larry Bird (Gelato #33).

I decided it would be wise to get my hands on some, so I tracked down Vibe Cannabis' Gelato flower at the south-city location of 3 Fifteen. Although I missed the dispensary's daily happy hour, which ends at 4:20 p.m., I was able to choose from a variety of Vibe's products. My budtender made some small talk and mentioned that I should be on the lookout for the aroma of Vibe's flower. The packaging, he explained, takes a different approach from others in the space: Instead of opting for mylar bags, Vibe goes for a small tin sealed on the top and includes a humidity pack to keep your product fresh after the package is opened. I'm a big fan of protecting the flower, so this gets a thumbs up from me. The eighth would normally set me back $39.79 after tax, but purchasing larger quantities of Vibe flower will bring down the eighth price. Since I bought a half ounce, that eighth dropped down to $34.11 after tax.

I got home, cracked the lid (after a few attempts) and ripped off the seal. Some of the other strains of Vibe I picked up at the same time had fainter aromas, but this Gelato invaded my nostrils immediately. I got notes of sweet berries everywhere. There were four nugs in the container: two larger nuggets that I'd save for later and two shmedium ones that would be smoked posthaste.

Dusted with a nice layer of trichromes, the Gelato nuggets had a light-green color with dots of purple flower encased in orange hairs that popped in the light. The trim on the flower also looks nice; since the leaves don't hug the stem like a machine trim, I'm assuming there's some hand trimming involved (or those machines have just gotten better). Before I'd even broken everything down to smoke, there was a very inviting bag appeal that made me wish I had picked up more.

I got ready to smoke my first bit of the Gelato, rolled up in an Elements Red 1 and 1/4 paper with a RAW tip. I lit up as I took my dog out to go to the bathroom in the backyard, and noted that the smoke had a nice round mouthfeel to it, similar to what I've noticed in an Ice Cream Cake strain. The berry notes I got from the nose followed to the smoke, and I was thoroughly enjoying the deliciously sweet joint when all of the sudden it was all over. Too soon. My first thought after finishing that joint was that I should smoke another one.

My first joint brought on some fantastic effects, making me feel happy and uplifted even later on in the evening. The body high felt great, like a gentle hug. This is my new weighted blanket. The initial high settled in both the head and upper body, gradually building on the body high into the legs. This could easily be dangerous couch-lock weed, no question. Maybe adding in an activity would help avoid the sofa slump.

I was quite excited to roll up a second joint after my phenomenal first experience with Gelato. A friend who likes Gelato suggested playing video games, so I smoked while gaming. This definitely enhanced the experience, and I was very comfortable in my chair while still staying engaged the whole time. My back felt relaxed after a day of work, and my legs began to fade into my seat. The head high was focused but mellowed out. To purloin a coined phrase, it was definitely a Vibe.

I rolled up again the following day after work as I was getting ready to game. However, I was sad that it was my last large nugget of the Gelato. I was very relaxed the whole time but locked in on the game and did well in my session. Still, it was hard to forget that this was it, no more Gelato. Cue the melancholy.

In conclusion, this is a strain that will definitely be added to the list of preferred strains to grab for myself at Missouri medical-marijuana dispensaries, so long as the quality stays consistent moving forward. The strain was well priced, smoked great and had an awesome effect. I'm normally skeptical about dispensaries' THC tests, but this definitely was a heavy hitter and every bit of the 30.48 percent THC on the label. I'd compare Vibe's Gelato to Flora Farm's popular Bubba Fett: a Missouri medical-marijuana cultivator just nailing a specific strain. There was a nostalgic vibe to my smoke sessions, just enjoying the effect and enhancing the things I already enjoyed even more. I liked the design of Vibe's containers, with the included humidity pack, which I promptly kept using for other flower. I would recommend grabbing some for a sesh, especially with 3 Fifteen's happy hour pricing.

To cap this review, I'm going to tap in Memphis rapper Key Glock, with his shout-out of Gelato on his 2018 single "Orville Redenbacher." Take it away, Key Glock:

"Riding Forgiatos / and dodging pot holes / Smoking on Gelato / I hit the lotto." 

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