JANE Dispensary Shares an Inside Scoop on How to Obtain Your Medical Card

Like all Missouri dispensaries, JANE – a cannabis boutique located in the Delmar Loop – offers cannabis products for medical-use only. Which means the first step to making a purchase is getting your medical card! But don’t stop reading yet, it isn’t as tricky as you might think. In fact, obtaining a medical card is an easy process that can be completed from the comfort of your home.

There are a few requirements you must meet in order for you to get your medical card and start shopping in The Show Me State. First, you have to reside here in Missouri and be able to provide proof of residency. A bank statement or utility bill will do the trick.

The second requirement is having a qualifying condition. So, what is a qualifying condition? Some of the most common qualifying conditions are included below:
Don’t panic if nothing on this list rings a bell. There are plenty more qualifying conditions. The language set forth by the state allows for most any Missouri resident to qualify for a card. Any condition that would normally be treated with medication that causes dependence will allow you to get your card.

These days, almost all of us suffer from some form of anxiety, pain or trouble sleeping – which means you likely qualify!

If all these requirements are met, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a doctor! You can do so virtually, or in person. You can register for an online consultation with a doctor here. After you’ve received your certification, The next step is to submit your application on the DHSS Missouri government website. The entire process is simple and straightforward. Once approved, your card will be emailed to you within 30 days, but usually less! When your medical card arrives, you’ll be able to shop JANE’s premier selection of cannabis products, including flower, vapes, edibles & more.

Can’t make it into the store? We offer fast and convenient delivery in the Saint Louis area, right to your doorstep!

There are several benefits to obtaining your medical card. Here are some of the privileges that come with acquiring one:

Access to dispensaries
Have you ever wondered what’s on the other side of those secured doors? Getting your medical card will permit you to enter the dispensary floor to speak with educated Cannabis Consultants and browse a variety of unique offerings. JANE dispensary is located in the Delmar Loop, making it a convenient stop while you stroll the nearby shops (such as Vintage Vinyl, Avalon Exchange, Sunshine Daydream) – on the way to one of the many restaurants on the block (like Blueberry Hill, Fitz’s, Three Kings) – or even before heading to a show at The Pageant or Delmar Hall!

Accurate dosing
Medical dispensaries have strict requirements for their cannabis, which includes accurate lab-tested dosing information that can help you find the desired effect. This is useful for those who want to microdose edibles. Similarly, it benefits those that want to use cannabis without feeling high. JANE has a product for everyone, high and low dose, whether you prefer to eat, drink OR smoke your medicine.

Lower age requirement
Generally, states that offer recreational cannabis require you to be at least 21 years of age to access dispensaries. However, in Missouri having a card allows patients from 18-21 years of age to obtain cannabis medically. Those younger than 18 with more severe medical conditions may also qualify.

More potent cannabis
The cannabis found in medical dispensaries is high-grade and potent. It is also tested independently to ensure quality. You can find strong medical strains, edibles, and other products with high levels of THC. JANE’s Cannabis Consultants can help you make sense of the labels and direct you to the most potent products available. On the flip side, Cannabis Consultants can also assist in suggesting lower potent products for those that just need a little boost in their life.

Legally purchasing cannabis
Those with a medical card are eligible to purchase equivalent to 4 ounces of cannabis in a 30-day period. (Tip: You can double your allotment to 8 ounces if you obtain two doctor recommendations!) Being a Missouri Medical Patient ensures you won’t receive legal consequences for possessing cannabis. Otherwise, it can result in a federal offense. Keep in mind, public consumption is not permitted in Missouri, but as a patient you can lawfully possess up to 8 ounces with full peace of mind.

Saving money
After the initial fee to get your card, you can save money at Missouri dispensaries, meaning your card will pay for itself within just a few visits! In states like Illinois, recreational cannabis taxes range from 10-25% - and that doesn’t even include state and local taxes. In Missouri, the medical cannabis tax is a modest 4%, and the best part is the revenue from these tax dollars support veteran services through the Missouri Veterans Health and Care Fund.
Retail prices for MO medical cannabis are dropping rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive as facilities open across the state. In addition to stellar prices, JANE offers daily deals, as well as early bird and happy hour pricing! Click here for more details on our current promotions. You can also shop our online dispensary here, or stop in at 6662 Delmar Boulevard to see for yourself!

All in all, having a medical card can provide a variety of priceless benefits for your health and well-being. Being a patient offers convenient access to cannabis. JANE Dispensary provides individuals with knowledgeable and qualified support, plus endless options to choose from, allowing you to customize treatment for your own specific needs and conditions.

Still have questions about becoming a registered Missouri Medical Patient? Contact JANE Dispensary for additional information about obtaining your card!

6662 Delmar Blvd. A
Saint Louis, MO 63130
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