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25 Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer in St. Louis

School is out for summer... and parents are already going bonkers. If you're not sure what to do with your screaming, feral…

By Jaime Lees

Grant’s Farm
(7385 Grant Road, 314-843-1700) 
Generations of guests have enjoyed the low-key, slow entertainment provided by Grant’s Farm. Here, it’s not all lights and sounds and screens dazzling your kid into compliance. Instead, it’s about fresh air and nature and exploring. Kids will love meeting the animals in the petting zoo and parents will love the free beer tasting in the Bauernhof Courtyard. While Grant’s Farm is entirely free to enter, parking and guided tours will cost you. Get dropped off and do your own exploring, and you won’t have to pay a penny.
25 slides

This Cool Tower Grove South House Has a Huge Deck, a Pond and the Basement of Your Dreams

This five-bedroom, three-bathroom house is a dream in Tower Grove South. The lions out front add a touch of drama and keep…

By Jaime Lees
69 slides

Everyone We Saw at the Pagan Picnic in Tower Grove Park

The 31st annual Pagan Picnic: '​Conjuring Magick Within Us All' event happened in Tower Grove Park (4257 Northeast Drive, 314-771-2679) over the…

By Jaime Lees

Theo Welling
105 slides

Up Late Serves Some of the Greatest Late-Night Food in St. Louis

If you've ever been out with your friends having a good ol' time but then realized you needed some carbohydrates before shuffling…

By Jaime Lees

Mabel Suen
11 slides

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June 7, 2023

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