mSpy Reviews: Is mSpy the Best Spy Phone App & Cell Phone Tracker?

Hi, my name is Richard Hiller, and I have spent the last few years reviewing cell phone apps, mobile phones, digital cameras, desktop computers, and similar devices. I live and breathe electronics, and I try to stay up to date on all of the latest mobile apps. I want to tell you about one of those- the mSpy app and what it can do for you.

I have tested commonly used cell phone spy apps like KidsGuard, Cocospy, FlexiSpy and others, and I want to share with you mSpy reviews that may be able to help you make an informed decision. I have compared these different spy apps and ranked them based on a few different factors. Looking at the prices, functionality, ease of use, and customer service experience, I rate mSpy as the best spy app for Android devices and iPhone.

mSpy Explained- What Is It?

This phone spying app is designed primarily for parents who want to keep track of their children- what they are doing on their phones, who they are talking to, which apps they are using, and what messages they are receiving.

The mSpy app has some great benefits that you need to know about. Just knowing what it can do and why people use it may get you thinking about buying it yourself. The app can track phone users (like your own children) and see their location using GPS tracking. It also lets you see what incoming calls they are receiving and which apps they use on their phone. You can tell how long they use the internet or specific apps and which websites they are visiting on the internet.

This is just scratching the surface of the mSpy benefits and what this app can do. Later on in the review, I will go into more detail as to what kind of functionality the app offers.

What can the mSpy phone tracker app do for you? It is able to track phone calls and help you protect your kids from identity theft and unsavory people. It can be used by employers to track their employees’ movement and phone usage while on the clock. (Note: This is only allowed on company phones when the employee is aware of the tracking app.)

The mSpy app’s GPS tracking device is also able to help you by giving you peace of mind. You can know where your kids are at and what they are doing at all times.

Who is the mSpy App designed for? It is made for parents first and foremost, giving them a way to check in on their children and have some control over what their kids do, how they spend their time on the phone, and who they talk to. The spy app is also able to be used by employers to track workers and check in on their activity on their company phones while on company time.

mSpy Features

Let’s look at some of the great features this spy phone app can offer. It gives you lots of tools to work with that will allow you to track the target phone and see detailed information about how the phone is being used and what the target user is doing. Everybody keeps all of their information on their phone these days and spends a lot of their time on their phones. You can find out so much about a person by spying on their phone, so it is a great way to track your kids and learn more about what they are up to.

Here are a few of the best features this Phone tracker gives you:
  • GPS tracking- Find out where your kids are at all times, so long as they are in range of an internet signal.
  • Incoming Calls and Messages- You can see who is calling them, read text messages and even see texts that have been deleted.
  • Phone Protection- You can use the mSpy app to wipe the memory from the phone if it has been lost or stolen. You can also disable the app remotely, if you want to.
  • Remote Storage- You can transfer received data from the target phone to mSpy’s control panel. So, those logs and that information will never be lost, even if the target phone user deletes the information.
  • Remote Locking- You can lock the target’s phone remotely to keep the target user from accessing their phone at all except for emergency phone calls.

This parental control app gives parents a lot of power over their kids’ phones, even from a distance. Many parents can feel like they are powerless to control their kids’ phone use, but with this app, they have the power back, and they can see detailed information about the phone and control the phone in a lot of ways remotely.

Pros and Cons of the mSpy App

Why should you consider this tracking app? Here are the pros and cons to know about before you make your decision.

  • Easy for parents to use
  • Lots of control options
  • Lets parents block websites and phone numbers
  • Can work invisibly so kids don’t know that they are being monitored
  • Remote control functions
  • Monitors calls, messages, internet activity, and app activity
  • Track location through GPS functionality

  • No refund after 14 days of purchase
  • Can be expensive
  • Doesn’t work with all major apps, like Kik and Instagram

Is mSpy Compatible with Your Device?

This is a question I get about cell phone apps like this all the time. People want to know if the spy app will work with the device they have, such as an Android or iPhone. And then, if you have a tablet or smartphone or laptop, you want to know if the app will work for that as well.

The good news about this phone tracker app is that it works with both iOS and Android devices. Most all the mSpy reviews will tell you that this app is compatible with most every smart device. It works with all versions of iOS that not jailbroken. As far as jailbroken iOS devices, it will work if your jailbroken device is using version 6 through 8.4 as well as 9 through 9.1.

What about Android devices? It will connect to any Android devices that are running the Android software version 4.0 or later. In other words, it works with most current Android devices on the market today.

The device targeting does need to have an Internet connection that is active to be able to send you any data to the mSpy dashboard. You will get more functionality out of the app if it is connected to a rooted device rather than an unrooted one. If the device has not been rooted, then some functions may not work, and some options may not be available to you.

There's only one version of mSpy right now, and it works on mobile devices, like iOS and Android devices. There is no longer a desktop windows mSpy app or one that works with Mac computers. While I have previously written about different versions mSpy app, there's just one now, and that works with your mobile devices.

Requirements for Using mSpy

As I said already, there are certain requirements for using mSpy. You will need to have an Internet connection on the target phone for it to be able to send you any data, like the GPS location or Internet activity. If device goes out of range of the Internet it is connected to, you will not be able to receive any info from it.

You will need a device to receive data from the target phone for the mSpy program. A desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone will all give you access to the mSpy control panel online. You can use your mSpy login and check what the target phone or phones are doing and receive data as it comes in. You can track the phone in real time using GPS tracking services that are part of the mSpy GPS tracker app.

Make sure you have the latest version of the mSpy app downloaded and the latest updates so that it will be compatible with the most recent iOS and Android system updates. You will need an active Internet connection to be able to have access to the mSpy control panel.

mSpy’s Child Monitoring Functions

This cell phone tracker app is very useful for monitoring your kids. You can find out where they are going, what they're doing, who they are spending time with, and more.

Let's look at some of these functions to see if this monitoring app can help you keep better track of your children.

Location Tracker- You can use the app to track a cell phone location on the target phone. This accurate GPS tracking can show you right where your kids are.

Control Internet Usage- The app shows you what your kids are doing on the Internet on their phone. It shows you what sites they visited, how long they spend there, and even lets you block sites that you don't want them to visit.

Find a Lost Phone- If your child loses their phone, you can use this phone tracker to locate it. You can easily track phone location from anywhere as long as the target phone has an Internet connection and is turned on.

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls and Messages- You can see messages as they are being sent and as they come in. You can even see deleted messages that your kids don't want you to see. You can store these messages remotely on the mSpy control panel. You can also see any emails that your kids receive. The app lets you see the phone number for all outgoing and ingoing calls.

Keylogging- The app lets you access passwords by showing you keystrokes. This not only gives you access to social media accounts and phone itself, but it also lets you see what buttons are being used on the phone.

Detailed Information- The app shows you all sorts of information about what your kids are doing and how they're spending their time period it's very helpful for tracking phone usage and keeping tabs on your children.

Using mSpy to Track Phones

This app is designed to track phones very easily and effectively. It gives you a GPS location of the phone, as long as the phone is turned on and there is an active Internet connection. You see more than just the current location of your child using this GPS tracker for kids. It also shows you where they have been for the day, and you can see the entire map of their route. That's very useful if you want to determine what your child has been up to and you don't want to always be on the app to find that out.

The GPS phone tracker will track the target phone for you at all times, so long as there is an active Internet connection. So, whenever you check in with the mSpy app, you can see all the visited locations throughout the day.

How to Install the App

As I said, is the mSpy is designed to be easy to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy. It is very simple to install.

Let's go through this process step by step. First of all, you need to go to the mSpy website. That would be You need to sign up for an account and either use the free trial or subscribe.

Once you've chosen your payment plan, you simply need to follow the onscreen instructions download the app onto your chosen device. You need to download mSpy onto the target phone.

Yes, that means you'll have to have your child's phone in hand at some point for this to work. Some parents will let their kids know that they are installing the best spy app and will take the phone at that point to download the app onto the phone. Others will wait until the children are asleep or otherwise occupied and borrow the phone to download the app without the child's knowledge.

After the mSpy app has been downloaded, the target phone user will not see any indication that they are being spied on and that mSpy is working. It will be working behind the scenes tracking their information and sending the details to you.

How Much Will mSpy Cost You?

Now, let's get into the cost of mSpy and the available pricing plans. Like I said, there is a free trial, but it doesn't last very long. The free trial of mSpy lasts for seven days. After that point, you will have to choose a payment option. Remember that after 14 days from the initial purchase date you cannot get a refund on the purchase.

Most mSpy reviews talk about cost of the app. I think that is important topic to cover, and right now the cost for basic mSpy plan is $29.99. If you want to sign up for a full year, you can save some money. The annual plan cost $99.99. There are sometimes discounts available, and you want to act on them quickly. Some people may want to wait to sign up for the plan when there is a discount available. Discounts may not last very long, so make sure you jump on that when it pops up.

The price will vary if you get a family plan that allows you to track multiple devices at once. Consider how many devices you need to target and what kind of features you want to determine which of the plans will be right for you.

Customer Reviews for mSpy

There are tons of mSpy reviews available online, and I want to share some of those with you. This will allow you to get a better understanding of what other people have experienced with this app and how they feel about it.

User Jason Wee wrote that he loved the app was very happy with the purchase. He encourages other people to try the app for themselves and he was particularly pleased with the great customer service response he received when he had an issue with the app.

Another user, Douglas Carney, said that he was very happy with the app. He liked all the functions they gave him to track his children effectively. He was very pleased with the peace of mind he got from the app but he's able to know where his children are at all times.

A user review written by a customer named Rancho says that the app works very well for him and allowed him to monitor his children remotely. The reviewer went on to say that he received great customer assistance from the company when he had technical questions, and his problems were able to be resolved fast. He said customer service is very responsive and helped him whenever he had issues.

How Legit Is mSpy?

Another question that I see pop up online from time to time is whether mSpy is a legitimate company and whether the app is actually worth the money. There are a lot of scam companies out there offering the best spy app for iPhone or Android, or so they say. It's a valid question to wonder whether mSpy is above board or not.

People want to know if the apps they download onto their phone are going to corrupt their phone and whether they will work at all. mSpy is definitely legitimate, and I want you to know that it is a good investment, as it has been well reviewed all across the Internet. It's not just customers who have reviewed it, but also technical experts and professionals like me.

mSpy does work target phones and giving you a lot of control over your children's technology. It legitimately helps parents to monitor and supervise their children more effectively. It is one of the more affordable options considering its robust features. All of these different features, like GPS tracking and messaging details are very important for parents who want to stay informed about what their children are doing. It allows for better oversight of the children and gives parents peace of mind, so it's easy to recommend this app and to say that it is legitimate.

The mSpy app is considered the best phone tracker app without permission by a number of review sites. There is no question about its legitimacy, its usefulness, and its good reputation in the tech community. Plenty of other apps offer similar features, but few of them have the longstanding reputation of mSpy or the great customer service reputation that this company can boast of.

mSpy FAQ

Is this App safe?

Yes, mSpy is safe to use and will not negatively affect the target phone’s performance. It also does not open up any devices to security risks like identity theft. It does not affect the security of your device and it is very reliable and trustworthy. mSpy as a monitoring app has been around for years and has been shown to be not just effective but safe to use, without any security or technical problems that could negatively affect your device.

It is important that anyone who is looking for a monitoring app in a phone tracker app be careful about which app download. These kinds of apps can look at and receive all sorts of sensitive information, such as passwords, login details, personal messages, contact lists, and more. This kind of information could be used to steal someone's identity or cause harm to them. That is why this is so important to find a legitimate app that is trusted and well-reviewed, like mSpy is. There are scam apps out there that offer similar functionality, or at least seem to, but can be used by unscrupulous individuals to steal information.

Is there an mSpy Scam?

Some people may be wondering at mSpy or other similar companies may be taking advantage of them. I know there are security apps scams out there that are offering low quality apps that don't do what they say, but mSpy is not one of those. The company and the app are completely legitimate, and this mobile phone tracking app offers great value for your money. The makers of the app are not attempting to scam any consumers and actually offer a great customer service experience. You can see that for yourself when you read the customer mSpy reviews for the app. Many of the people who have bought the app exceptional experiences with the customer service arm of the company.

Is it legal to use mSpy?

Yes, it is legal to use mSpy in certain situations. Most people will use it to monitor their children to find out where the kids are after what they're doing. This phone number tracker app is excellent at detailing information from the target user’s phone and sending it to the mSpy control panel. It is perfectly legal for parents to download this app on their children's phone even without their children knowing about it, so long as their child lives with them and is younger than 18 years old.

The other way this after the used legally is in the workplace. Employers can download the app onto company phones that their employees use. In this situation, however, employers are legally required to inform their employees that the phone is being monitored and that the spy app has been downloaded on the phone.

Can mSpy work without anyone knowing?

Yes, one of the key features have any best phone tracking app is that it can working visibly. Parents can monitor their children without their children knowing they are being monitored. This is very useful in helping parents find out what their children are up to and where they are going, as well as who they are talking to. The app will need to be downloaded onto the target phone, but once it is, it will work invisibly. There will be no indication on the target phone that any monitoring is happening. The app will be able to send GPS location data, track phone numbers and messages, monitor Internet activity and app usage, and more. All of this will happen behind the scenes, without the target phone user knowing it is happening.

Can mSpy be used to monitor more than one device?

Yes, you can sign up for a family plan that allows you to monitor multiple devices at once. This is very useful for people who have more than one child who they would like to monitor.

How does mSpy send me data about phone usage?

The data from the app will be sent directly to the mSpy website in the control panel there. You will have to log in to the mSpy site and your account you have on the site in order to access the data received from the target phone. You can do this at any time of day as long as you have an Internet connection.

Will I be able to install mSpy remotely?

No, unfortunately you cannot install this app without physically having the target phone in hand. At some point, you will have to download the app onto the target phone. While the app can do a lot of things remotely, you cannot install it remotely. However, once it is installed, you can use it remotely to monitor and control the target phone.

Will mSpy refund my money if I'm not happy?

The company has a limited refund policy where they only refund the purchase price within 14 days of purchasing. You have that time in which determine what the app is right for you or not.

My Verdict on mSpy

Should you purchase an mSpy app plan? I think this app is essential for any parent who has trouble keeping tabs on their child. If your child is away from home often, for school for other reasons, then the app is very helpful in determining where they are, who they are communicating with, and what they're doing.

Many parents use this app just to protect their child from predators and to ensure that their child is getting home on time from school or work. The app is also useful in determining how a child is spending their time on the phone, as well as checking on their Internet and app activity to see if they are doing anything they are not allowed to.

While there are plenty of apps out there with similar functionality, mSpy reviews like this one have rated mSpy as the best child monitoring app available. Consumers looking for a reliable and affordable app that offers a lot of functionality cannot go wrong with mSpy. This app offers more features than most, and it is regularly updated so that it will work with the most recent update on smart devices. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

Another thing that makes the mSpy app stand out is the ease of use. It is designed for people who may not be very familiar with technology and who may not use many apps. It is very easy to use and accessible, making it a great tool for parents as well as employers.

Should you sign up for mSpy? I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable monitoring app with GPS functionality. Because of all the different features this app offers, it is a great investment and will give many parents peace of mind about their children. It is an excellent app to help keep your children safe and to monitor their activity when you are not next to them. It is also a very good tool to help filter out websites and engage parental controls on smart devices for children.

I've reviewed and examined multiple child monitoring apps like this one, and my conclusion is that mSpy is the best one available. It does what other apps do not back record that is worth considering. I don't think you'll regret purchasing this app.
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