Beatle Bob Steals the Spotlight in New McDonald's Commercial

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Beatle Bob pulling a signature dance move and the McDonald's "Hamburglar" character - Beatle Bob photo by Lynn Terry
Beatle Bob photo by Lynn Terry
Beatle Bob pulling a signature dance move and the McDonald's "Hamburglar" character
Unsuspecting fans of Cardinals baseball were treated to quite the surprise this week. There, beamed through the air into their own home television sets, was legendary St. Louis concert attendee Beatle Bob.

During commercial breaks for televised games, Fox Sports Midwest is showing a new McDonald's commercial that features Mr. Bob (real name: Robert E. Matonis) and songwriter/musician Javier Mendoza.

Beatle Bob earned a reputation in the local music community many years ago. He claims that he has attended a concert every night for more than 7,000 days in a row. His whole thing is to get into a show, get right next to the stage and dance. Aggressively. (He'll also happily take over emceeing duties if permitted.)

His dancing mostly involves broadly swiping his arms in a merciless fashion as he ruthlessly clears space for his own purposes. His moves include twirling, pointing and "rolling the dice," and he seems to follow a beat that only exists in his imagination. If you happen to get in his way, Bob is likely to "accidentally" hit you in the head, elbow you in the spine or smack you in the face. He will then offer no apology and just keep on dancing. (I speak from experience.) His refusal to show consideration for his fellow concert-goers has not earned him many friends on the dance floor. 

Still, he has garnered for himself something of a national reputation. Touring bands — unaware of the years of slowly building animosity between Beatle Bob and, well, almost anyone trying to take in a local concert — seem to be charmed by the tall man in the polyester suit. Additionally, Bob can be found out of town, backstage at major festivals, up front in huge crowds and, recently, on the cover of The Reader in a story about Chicago's Empty Bottle venue.

And now he's found a way into our living rooms.

Javier Mendoza is also in the McDonald's commercial, playing guitar while repeatedly wishing us all a good morning. Mendoza spent his formative musical years in St. Louis, though local boosters are quick to point out that he split to Nashville a couple of years ago and therefore might've lost his provel privileges. 

So as it turns out, McDonald's local marketing strategy is just as terrible as its food. They're trying to woo us with oh-so-hip St. Louis flavor, but instead they gave us an ex-pat hiding behind sunglasses and a dude who would crack your skull if it meant that he could dance three inches closer to Tenacious D.

Better luck next time, McDonald's.

Watch the commercial for yourself below:

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