Indie Rock: Meet the 2013 RFT Music Award Nominees

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Courtesy of Nate Burrell

Old Lights

Old Lights began as David Beeman's singular vision. The project used (and uses) the '60s/'70s brand of folk-rooted, gently rocking pop as a starting point, and dressed it up in heavy reverb and vintage keyboards and synths. It proved to be a perfect vehicle for Beeman's melodically gifted, melancholy songwriting. Which is why it's such a pleasant surprise that bassist Kit Hamon's songwriting contributions fit perfectly into Old Lights' aesthetic. They're slightly sweeter than Beeman's, but Hamon's songs are an apt match for the beautiful harmonies, moderate tempos and predominantly major keys that characterize Old Lights' music. Most important, they are just as catchy and warm as Beeman's. Old Lights was one of St. Louis' best indie-rock bands when it had one ace songwriter. Imagine what it'll do with two. -Bob McMahon

Indie Rock: Meet the 2013 RFT Music Award Nominees
Courtesy of Ted Barron

Sleepy Kitty

Not enough can be said about how much Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult (collectively, Sleepy Kitty) bring to the St. Louis music-and-arts scene. As if the duo's beautiful handprinted concert posters and overall enthusiasm for St. Louis culture weren't enough, we get music too! What starts as a standard, stripped-down pop song often gets deconstructed and reconstructed though layers of reverb, loops and shifting beats. Brubeck and Sult have a knack for collaging different elements of indie, pop and rock in a manner that tip a hat to the past while forging ahead down a creative path that's entirely their own. -Michael Dauphin

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