Wednesday, September 27. Lucas School House (1220 Allen Avenue).

Sep 20, 2006 at 4:00 am
Like wearing seersucker and drinking mojitos, conventional wisdom says we shouldn't listen to sunny Brazilian pop after Labor Day. Too damn bad: New York's Mosquitos sound good all year long, even with a chill in the air. In fact, autumn is the perfect time to listen to the band's latest album, III, as the group's chamber-pop-meets-bossa-nova sound is nuanced with traces of melancholy and yearning. Brazil-born singer Juju Stulbach coos and sighs, mostly in Portuguese, while the band mixes electro flourishes, smart horn charts and plucky guitar figures. The language barrier may keep Stulbach's exact words shrouded, but the Mosquitos' vibe will get the message across.