Blues Let Fans Ask Coach Ken Hitchcock Questions on Twitter, Things Get Crazy

Jul 23, 2014 at 10:45 am
Ken Hitchcock be like, "What?" - Wikimedia
Ken Hitchcock be like, "What?"

It's summer. There's no hockey anywhere, and puck fans are desperate for hockey news. So the Blues decided to do their fans a solid and hold a Q&A on Twitter allowing their fans to ask head coach Ken Hitchcock questions by using the hashtag #AskHitch.

But instead of asking about hockey, many Blues fans mostly decided to crack wise, asking "Hitch" about everything from how to get butter out of one's hair to how the appropriate number of balloons for a birthday party.

And it was great because it offered scientific evidence that non-hockey months are not good for society.

Here are some of the best "questions" Blues fans asked Hitch, starting with that one about hair care...

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Fans inquired about Hitchcock's alleged physical resemblance to other well-known figures, including children's television icons... As well as well-known serial killers, apparently... Even the Blues got in on the act. T.J. Oshie made fun of his coach's obsession with tight defense over offensive flash... And Brett Hull just wondered why nobody was talking about him... Of course, because Twitter is an open forum allowing all walks of life to chime in, so Wings fans posed a question... That same Wings guy even dissed on Imo's pizza...

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And a Blackhawks fan got access to a computer...

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