Former St. John Vianney Nurse Pleads Guilty to Sex Crime Against Student

Erin Foerstel was accused of grooming her victim for months

click to enlarge Erin Foerstel
St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office
Erin Foerstel.
A former school nurse at St. John Vianney High today admitted she performed oral sex on a student in April.

Erin Foerstel, 42, pled guilty to statutory sodomy and sexual contact with a student who was younger than 17. Both charges are felonies. Foerstel was the school nurse at the Catholic high school for boys, and her victim was a student at the time of her crime.

In court today, a family member of the student claimed Foerstel "groomed" the boy for months through texts and FaceTime calls.

"The safety and security of our family was shattered by a predator who preyed on a 16-year-old boy," the family member said.

To Foerstel, they said, "As a family we are stronger than you and your actions. Your insecurity has damaged our family. This plea brings closure but not peace."

Foerstel was charged in May and is no longer employed by Vianney. In the plea deal agreed to by St. Louis County prosecutors and enacted by the judge today, she was given a suspended five-year prison sentence, meaning as long as she can avoid getting in trouble, she won't have to do prison time. She'll have to move as part of the plea deal, in addition to registering as a sex offender.

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