Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?: Best of Craigslist Missed Connections, November 24-30

(Welcome to Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For? Each Monday, we'll scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. Here are some that caught our eye this week.)

God bless the U.S.A.: 3rd Qt at RAMS GAME.....SOILDER :) - m4m
U have to be the best looking Soilder I have ever seen.
It was such an honor to stand next to you in the bathroom. And when I looked down, WOW i cant belive they have you fighting instead of bein here at home fuckin....WOW u seriouly had the biggest tool iv ever seen and you were soft, holy shit... I was the guy on the right, tell me what i was wearing if u ever need anything. id love to help my county in anyway.

Who let the dogs out?: To my neighbor with the barking Pitbull - 26 (University City)
Could you take a hint from your dog when it barks for 2 hours straight?? TAKE IT IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! It's fuckin cold outside, and you're an asshole.

Brutal truth: your hot your husbands not - 46 (Chesterfield)
i saw you at the store you looked a live and he looked dull wish i was with you instead where sis this happen schnucks in chesterfield we smiled at each other man id give any thing to meet you

Not a shower: Hot Guy with Pants OFF - w4m - 34 (My Bed)
You were HOT with your pants OFF; definitely a grower. Haha. Don't be a stranger.

Car 54, Where Are You?: To the County Police officer that pulled us over on RT 15 tonight... - w4m (Belleville)
Thank you so much...I appreciate you letting us go with "one on you" ...I "the wife in the passenger seat" just saw someone riding our tail..and was upset...cause lets face it ...a ford focus 4 door isnt the hottest car on the road!!!...I promise..I have the most respect for law enforcement and would never disrespect someone ...who's job it is to protect us...
I can assure you ...the "flip off" wont happen again...Im just so used to people trying to get around us...and your explaination of why we shouldnt of been in the fast lane made sense...but isnt used for that reason all that often...We were just getting around someone that was getting off at the exit before us !!
Thanks so much and I hope your Thanksgiving was really great...since apparently your shift is still going at 830pm :(

Happy, er, Thanksgiving?: Randomly showing up at my door - m4w - 99 (meat in your sandwich)
You know, whenever you are around me and my girlfriend, you two always get talking about the most ridiculous things, like how you like a finger in the ass or how small your OBGyn says your vagina is. Don't you know how much this turns a guy on? I feel guilty, but I've started thinking about you when I'm alone. I wonder if you two are trying to warm me up for a menage... Do you hear that?...DING! The turkey's ready, time to take it out of the oven!
This is just one of the things I am giving thanks for today!

Really, Really Not the Killers song: Mr. Brightside - m4w (Alone)
I waited so patiently for you to get over Rick. My heart would break everytime you would go back to him. But I knew you would make the right choice. You told me to make up my mind when I went to rehab. I did. I chose you. But you didn't believe me. My mind melted as you picked Luke. Month after month I got worse as you told me what I saw with my eyes and heart wasn't true. You let me save you from him. He prayed upon your fears. Looks like he won again. You can see the truth if you open your eyes. Open your heart. I believe in you Majik. Please believe in me.

Thrifty thinking: goodwill on manchester
I am pretty sure you were with your wife, but because I am not completely sure, I thought I would put this out there. You had your sons with you, one got upset :(
You asked me if a blue plaid shirt looked good on you, :) smooth :)
I ALSO LIKE ANYONE THAT ISN"T AFRAID OF GOODWILL! The world is waisting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Most DON"T even realize just how much waste there is on our earth! Watch Wall-e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that tells a great story! I was connected as was you, but the wife thing? I was sure one of the boys that called you dad, called this woman mom. While I let myself get excited for a moment, because those moments are just so few and far between in one's life, I had to immediately become grounded when I felt you had a wife!!
I WILL NOT be one to break up a family, I just won't! However, if I am mistaken, please allow me to listen!, with a response. You do have nice eyes!

The real Deerhunter: where are the girls we met in Potosi deer hunting? - m4w
so if your the ones we met and parties with all night,do you want to party this weekend? Give me a clue so I know it's you
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