Jamilah Nasheed and Provel cheese have readers all worked up

Aug 25, 2011 at 4:00 am

All about results: Great article ["Just Who Does Jamilah Nasheed Think She Is?" Albert Samaha]. Representative Nasheed may be unconventional, but hell...she is getting something done. That's more than you can say for the vast majority of our local politicians. I'm so proud of her.
Superstarrr, via the Internet

White man's burden: Could you imagine what would happen if the mayor made a public statement like she did and said, "I'm white before I'm a Democrat"? There would be public outrage! But I guess no one will call her on it because she is black.

Total B.S. It seems like she is playing her own race card — and then she has the nerve to ask the mayor how to improve race relations. What a joke.
Gerald, via the Internet

We can have it all: I wish her success in restoring local control. Thankfully she seems to be protecting pensions while making history. What a remarkable woman!
Matt, via the Internet

Sal is not fucking around, y'all: WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK!?!?! ["Bridge & Tunnel Pizza Now Il Posto Pizzeria," Ian Froeb]? Is this some sort of late April Fools' joke?! B&T was a fucking gem. I loved going there and getting a bad-ass NY-style slice at 2 a.m. The pizza was always absolutely fucking delicious.

Fuck this fucking bullshit. If they don't offer good non-Provel pizza by the slice at late-night hours, I will personally make it my personal mission to make sure this place fails. I will smear them on every Internet review site. I'll spread lies about rat feces in the kitchen. I don't give a fuck. I hope you're reading this, Franco Bongiovani and Nick Smith. If I were you, I would just stick with the B&T formula and not get your nasty-ass fucking Provel cheese involved. Failure to heed this warning will be met with SWIFT retribution.

Sal, via the Internet

This could destroy St. Louis: While I feel that "Sal" was being a bit extreme, I absolutely agree with his sentiment. B&T was the only true NY-slice joint around. The food there was always excellent.

The owners are a making a huge mistake. The only people who enjoy Provel cheese on pizza are those who grew up on it. Most people who live downtown are probably transplants who don't like Provel. Furthermore, there are always lots of out-of-towners on the Wash. Ave. strip. They are going to be rudely surprised when they take a bite of their pizza only to discover that the cheese is not normal. Then they will be told that the pizza is "St. Louis style." All this will do is cause them to hate St. Louis and tell their friends how awful St. Louis-style pizza is. Then the reputation of St Louis itself will decline. And, quite frankly, this city needs all the good press that it can get.

It's great that they are grinding their own beef and sausage, but when the cheese on a pizza is bad, the whole pizza is bad. Quality toppings aren't going to change that. You can't put lipstick on a pig.
Fred, via the Internet

That must be it: Oh, come on, guys. I think this is a great idea.... IF YOU HATE MONEY.
IllBill, via the Internet

Food tourism: I think it's a fine idea; obviously what they were doing before wasn't making money. Maybe if all you people dropping the F-bomb like it's going out of style ate there a little more, it wouldn't have to change. Yes, Pi is great, but there is one going in down the street that will cause quite the competition.

To say that the reputation of St. Louis is going to be ruined by some cheese is a pretty ignorant statement. Give them a break and eat a sandwich or some pasta instead of the pizza. If you want New York-style pizza, go to New York.
Melissa, via the Internet