Kroenke to Son: You'll Have Nuggets and Like It!

Jun 8, 2010 at 9:45 am
Josh Kroenke played hoops for Mizzou from '99 to '03.
Josh Kroenke played hoops for Mizzou from '99 to '03.
Call it a late birthday gift. Exactly one month after turning 29, Josh Kroenke was tapped yesterday as heir apparent to take over the Denver NBA franchise owned by his father, Stan Kroenke.

The move comes as the elder Kroenke attempts to divest his interest in the Denver Nuggets (and the NHL franchise Colorado Avalanche) in order to meet NFL guidelines for his purchase of the St. Louis Rams.

In a statement to the Denver Post yesterday, Stan Kroenke said:
"Our son Josh has been involved with many of our organizations for several years and that family continuity remains a priority. My family looks forward to owning the Rams, Nuggets and Avalanche for years to come while being compliant with all stipulations set by the NFL. Our family remains committed to fans in St. Louis and Denver."
Josh Kroenke currently serves as vice president of team development for the Nuggets, and is perhaps best known in these parts for the four years he spent playing for the Mizzou Tigers on an athletic scholarship.

Forbes values the Nuggets at $321 million, making it a hell'uva a birthday gift and certainly nicer than anything another rich guy (by the name of Judge Smails) ever gave his son.