Mardi Gras Drunk Driving Arrests? Ha!

Mar 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm
We know there was mayhem and madness down in Soulard this weekend. (Heck, we've got the pictures to prove it!) We also know that 83 people were arrested for alcohol-related deviltry, including pissing in public, resisting arrest and exposing themselves.

So how is it possible that virtually no one at Mardi Gras was stupid enough to get busted for DUI?

In response to our request, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department coughed up the number of people charged with Mardi Gras-related DUI arrests on Saturday. And the total -- wait for it! -- was ...


Turns out that's about par for the course for this booze-soaked event. Last year, Daily RFT reported that there had been just five Mardi Gras-related DUIs; the year before that, the grand total was four.

There are two possibilities for what's going on here.

Either the vast majority of Mardi Gras revelers -- 99.9999 percent, by our estimate -- are the sort of law-abiding citizens who'd never dream of getting behind the wheel after having a few,


St. Louis just doesn't take DUIs very seriously.