Missouri Congressional Candidate Cori Bush Hospitalized With Pneumonia

Mar 30, 2020 at 4:57 pm
It takes a lot to stop St. Louis native and current Missouri congressional candidate Cori Bush.

Just a couple of years ago we watched her pound the pavement with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while canvassing in Fairground Park in North City just months after a very serious car accident. She was limping and clearly in pain, but she and AOC were still out there.

But now a serious illness has pulled Bush off of her campaign duties. She posted to Facebook today that she's been hospitalized with pneumonia and that she's been "receiving treatment from our heroic and dedicated medical staff here in St. Louis."

In addition to her political career, Bush is also a pastor and a nurse, so it's likely that she knew when it was time to seek help.

Bush did not mention if the pneumonia was coronavirus-related but with the terrifying lack of action on the part of Missouri Governor Mike Parson to provide even basic direction to his own state, nobody would be surprised. Missouri recorded a 600 percent increase in known coronavirus cases just last week. It was the largest increase in confirmed cases in the entire United States.

Governor Parson still has yet to issue a statewide stay-at-home order even though the number of Missouri cases is increasing dramatically each day and even the Missouri State Medical Association called for action almost a week ago.

Let's hope that Bush recovers soon. Not just for her, but for us. We need leaders like her in the Senate, not feeble men like Parson.

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