Naked Man Who Burst Through Wall of St. Louis Airbnb Denied Bond

Patrick McKinney-Rankin was visiting St. Louis. Now he’s locked up in the City Justice Center.

Apr 10, 2024 at 6:51 am
Patrick McKinney-Rankin remains locked up in the St. Louis jail.
Patrick McKinney-Rankin remains locked up in the St. Louis jail. CITY JUSTICE CENTER

A musician from Jackson, Mississippi, staying at an Airbnb in St. Louis was shot on Friday after he allegedly "broke through a drywall" of his rental unit and into an adjoining apartment, according to police. He was naked and screaming that he was going to kill everyone there.

Prosecutors charged Patrick McKinney-Rankin, 37, with felonies for burglary and property damage on Saturday. He was denied bond at a hearing in court this afternoon.

McKinney-Rankin's Airbnb and the family's apartment he broke into are in the same building on Park Avenue in LaSalle Park. He was reportedly sans clothing when he busted through the wall.

In court today, a prosecutor said that one of the family members living in the apartment on Park Avenue heard strange noises coming from a room that shares a wall with the unit rented out as an Airbnb. When the family member went to investigate, he saw an arm sticking out through the drywall.

One of the family members, "fearing for the safety of himself and his family," then retrieved a gun, according to police.

Prosecutor Andrew Costello said that when the person came back into the room, he saw that the hole in the drywall had gotten bigger and a naked McKinney-Rankin was now in the family's apartment, threatening everyone there. The family member opened fire, striking McKinney-Rankin in his left hand. 

That was enough to incapacitate him until police arrived. McKinney-Rankin was taken to the hospital for treatment for his injury before being booked into jail. His booking photo indicates that at some point he was given clothes.

The 37-year-old had a large cast on his hand in court today.

McKinney-Rankin was in town on business related to music production, said his attorney at the bond hearing, Steven Kratky. He added that the whole thing "was probably some confusion or misunderstanding" related to the Airbnb. All McKinney-Rankin's belongings, including his clothes, are still at the Airbnb.

Kratky argued that McKinney-Rankin's age and lack of criminal history make him a good candidate to be released from jail on bond. He also cited McKinney-Rankin's two bachelor's degrees.

McKinney-Rankin also made an impromptu plea on his own behalf, saying he was an entrepreneur with business contracts and no reason to flee St. Louis.

Judge Catherine A. Dierker disagreed, citing the "volatility demonstrated by the facts" of the case as her reason for denying bond.

The man who opened fire on the naked man had his gun seized as evidence, though he is facing no charges.

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