No Joke: Hidden Camera Found Over Toilet of Tattoo Shop Called "Full Moon"

Bruce Hymes
Bruce Hymes
If this doesn't make it into the opening monologues of tonight's late-night talk shows, someone isn't doing their job.

Yesterday police busted the manager of a Wentzville tattoo parlor for allegedly having a hidden camera installed in the bathroom of his shop right above the toilet. Oh, and the name of his business? Full Moon Studios.

Before yesterday most people thought owner Bruce Hymes chose the name of his studio to play up the Goth and renegade culture of his tattoo artistry. Now they have an entirely new theory all together.

A female employee found the camera yesterday. Hymes allegedly had other hidden cameras set up elsewhere in his business. Former employees and customers say Hymes, who is married to a St. Charles police officer who owns the studio, was always a bit of a perv. A mother says he made lewd comments to her 17-year-old daughter two years ago. Another employee says he'd ask people to tip him for his work with sex acts.

Hymes is charged with invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence. His wife, whom he's separated from, was not charged with any wrong doing. The shop is now under new management.
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