Ten Questions in a Nightclub with Krista Ayne, Late-Night Cinemax Personality

Nov 23, 2009 at 7:14 am
Krista Ayne is one of the four women featured on Life on Top, a Sex in the City-like drama crossed with soft-core porn that airs each Friday night on Cinemax. Ayne was in St. Louis on Saturday to host a party at Lure nightclub on Washington Avenue. Nightlife photographer Egan O'Keefe caught up with the actress for a few moments to ask her about flesh-colored socks, St. Louis and working in the soft-core business.

Krista Ayne at Lure nightclub on Saturday night. See more photos from the party at Lure on Saturday. - Photo: Egan O'Keefe
Photo: Egan O'Keefe
Krista Ayne at Lure nightclub on Saturday night. See more photos from the party at Lure on Saturday.
What are you doing in town?
I am hosting a party at Lure Nightclub and I actually did a photo shoot today with Stephen Garnett, which was like awesome. This is my first time in Saint Louis. I didn't realize how beautiful it was here. The houses and the buildings and everything. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed driving around today actually.

See a slideshow of photos from the party with Krista Ayne on Saturday.

Tell me about your career right now.
Cinemax? I've been doing modeling and acting for eight years but the Cinemax thing is new. In the beginning it was a little weird because I've never... well, (the sex) is all like faked, but I've so never done a love scene with someone before. So, it was a little weird in the beginning, but overall it was one of the best experiences. We got to live in Romania for five weeks.

How was Romania?
Yeah, but you get to live in Europe for free for five weeks. It's not like the number one place I would pick, but once you're there it's like, 'Oh my God this is so cool! Like, I'm living in Europe right now.' So it was awesome. And you know what? I'm on Cinemax every
Friday night, so, you can't ask for anything better than that!

Has any co-star gone too far?
Not really. There have been stories on sets with other actors, but the guys that I've worked with were super cool. They've actually done shows like this before so they were like very professional and we just had an awesome time. You know what it is, as soon as you are out of the scene all we were doing is hanging out, drinking, eating, partying, you know, watching movies and just chilling. Then when you are put into the scene, it makes it so much more comfortable.

When you were a little girl did you dream of doing this?
No, actually I always wanted to be a [veterinarian.] I loved animals and when I was younger I was like 'I'm totally going to be a vet when I grow up!' But, I did always have a fascination with modeling and posing in the mirror so I should have known. I wasn't that little girl that was like, 'When I grow up I want to be an actress!' That's what's cool about it, because not until I was in high school did I even really start to like even act or anything like that.

Do you get hate from women for what you do?
I try to surround myself with good people. And for the most part my friends are really good people. There are always going to be people who are haters, whether you work in Barnes & Noble or whether you are an actress or a model. I'm really appreciative of what I have and I love what I do.

How old are you?

What's next for you?
I have two short films that should be coming out soon, but pretty much just more modeling and acting. I'm in the process of updating my website so there everyone will be able to tell what is going on month by month.

I can tell you the funny story on the set from Life On Top. So basically, considering that we aren't really having sex, the women wear this thing that looks like a knee Band-Aid and the guys wear basically a sock-looking thing. So the funny little catch phrase throughout the set was 'rock out with your sock out.' And honestly, it would lighten up the whole mood. When everyone was just out, we were just like, 'oh, go have a good time. Go rock out with your sock out!' Honestly that's like the funniest thing that happened. Because it's so not sexy when you are doing it, but it turns out great.

You can go out there and get any man you want. Does that feel good?
Lately, cause I'm just recently single. But I've been realizing, I've been starting to date and it's definitely about quality and not quantity. Usually women can go and get not every guy they want, but mostly if the guy is available, it's easier for women to get men than vice versa. But I've noticed that it's really about quality than quantity. Because if you have ten guys but they aren't really worth it, or something that you want then it's not worth it. It's worth having that one guy. Why are you recently single? What jackass let you go? We're still friends still today. We really are. And he's a great guy. It just was not the right time. I love him. He loves me. We're all good. But we just both know that we are both just going separate ways at the moment.