What Do We Call This Decade We Are Living In?

Published the week of September 6-12, 2000

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Adam Gardner
Student, Washington University

"Call it the 'zeroes to the second power.' And I think it's a bit scary already. I mean, what do we really know about this decade so far, other than 25 million Americans tuned in Wednesday evenings to watch Survivor? I think we should quarantine this decade for the first two or three years -- that's what I think."

Terri Coats
Piper for the People

"The Decade of the People, because there's a need for change and there's going to be change. People are becoming less tolerant of the conditions that have been set up in previous decades."

Jim "Head of the Dead" Edwards
Morgue Attendant, St. Louis University Hospital

"I'll call it 'goose eggs,' because it's still too early to tell how things are shaping up. Anything could happen in the next nine years and probably will."

Lisa Coleman
Sales, Teson Farms Nursery

"Kids today have taken the fun things from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, smashed them all together and made them their own. Kids walking around with eyebrow piercings, dressed like hippies, driving VW Bugs with flowers in the little crystal vase hood ornament -- that's cool."

Tom Snyder
RCA Recording Artist

"At the end of '99 we wiped the slate clean, and now we have this wonderful opportunity to make all new mistakes, making our own history from now forward. So, we call it the Overs -- starting oh-oh-oh-ver, because that's basically what we're doing. There's got to be a song in that somewhere."

Walt Jay
Writer/Producer, thosegnats.com
"Well, I call it Speedo, but its real name is Mr. Earl."

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