Which Ed McMahon Will You Miss Most? "Here's Johnny," Ed? Publisher's Clearing House, Ed? Bankrupt, Ed?

Jun 23, 2009 at 9:00 am
RIP, Ed McMahon - Photo: Wikimedia Commons
RIP, Ed McMahon

Me? I'll most miss the Star Search, Ed.

, Ed. It's been nice watching you over the years. See more of the many faces of Ed McMahon after the jump. 

Here's the Publisher's Clearing House, Ed.

Bankrupt, Ed, forced to do cash-for-gold commercials. With MC Hammer!

And, finally, Ed McMahon -- Johnny Carson's right-hand man for decades.

As a bonus feature, here's Ed, who had fallen on hard times, making the best of it and earning some money doing spots for Free Credit Report dot com. It's clear he kept his well-known sense of humor late into his life:

And here's an uncensored-and-uncut tape of an endorsement to be aired on the show Who Do You Trust? featuring Carson and McMahon: