What What (In the Butt)

The other kind of butt.
Ah, the Internets. One day you're just a regular guy with the lyrics to a song running through your head. Next thing, you're a phenomenon.

At least that's what happened to Samwell, a Chicago-based flight attendant who came up with the lyrics to "What What (In the Butt)," a little number whose chorus goes:

You want to do it in my butt, in my butt? You want to do in my butt, in my butt? Let's do it in the butt.

Samwell passed the lyrics along to his friend Mike Stasny (who Unreal will hereafter refer to by his pseudonym, Giorgio).

Giorgio, who lives in St. Louis, promptly came up with a melody and produced the song. Then came the video, which features a burning cross, a singing chocolate heart and Samwell, topless, running a red rose down his neck.

As of this writing, it has received 424,622 hits since being posted on YouTube on Valentine's Day.

And here it is (but if you watch it, be prepared to have that chorus running through your head all day):

Who's this Samwell guy, anyway? Is he really delicate like a flower? Is he singing: "All I want is your big fat C" or "All I want is your big fat seed?"

Unreal, who happens to know Giorgio personally (we met at '80s night at Rue 13 -- don't ask) will answer those questions and more in next week's issue.