Behold, The Awesome Lineup For Tower Groove Records' Upcoming Carnival

The nascent Tower Groove Records gets more exciting by the day. You can read, in our earlier story, more about the collective's inception and goals. Basically, several South City stalwarts decided it was time to pool their resources, and bands have been lining up to do the same. And while it wasn't being kept a secret, there was no official roster or general list of which bands were involved. Until now.

Tower Groove is planning a carnival at Off Broadway. It's scheduled for September 4th, and this is not just a concert: There will be games, cotton candy, a silent auction and two stages (one indoor and one outside). The whole thing is designed to help finance a compilation LP of Tower Groove bands. We just got the lineup for both stages, and oh sweet Chuck is it a wealth of awesome. Feast your eyes below, St. Louis music fans.

Each band will play for twenty minutes, and the stages will alternate. Kids under twelve are free; prices for adults haven't been announced. All of the bands listed here will be on the compilation LP, along with a few more who can't play the Carnival.

Indoor Stage

2:30 Bunnygrunt

3:10 The Feed

3:50 Accelerando

4:30 This City of Takers

5:10 Ransom Note

5:50 *Super Special Secret Band*

6:30 Hot Liquors

7:10 Death of Yeti

7:50 Doom Town

8:30 Movies and popcorn time!

9:15 Bug Chaser

9:45 Tone Rodent

10:15 Theodore

10:45 Magic City

Outdoor Stage

2:50 Warm Jets USA

3:30 Peck of Dirt

4:10 Beth Bombara

4:50 Fred Friction

5:30 Skekses

6:10 Catholic Guilt

6:50 St. Louis Shuffle

7:30 St. Louis Shuffle