Branson, MO Is Still Weird as Hell [PHOTOS]

For over 55 years Branson, MO has been a Midwestern holiday destination promoting Vegas style entertainment, but without all of the sinning. Nestled deep in the Ozarks about an hour south of Springfield, this country oasis encapsulates rural Missouri values, and capitalizes off of those ideals.

“The Simpsons” once quoted Branson as being “Las Vegas if it were run by Ned Flanders,” and the influence of Christian conservatism is hard to ignore. The largest cross in North America (160ft) greets you as you drive in, followed by Cold War comedian Yakov Smirnoff’s theater stating that “Laughter Vaccine Kills COVID-19.”

You can purchase a confederate flag on just about everything at “Dixie Outfitters,” or catch the last season of “Jesus” the musical. That being said, people from all works of life can still be seen playing miniature golf, and enjoying time with their family. You can even eat a delicious Indian Buffet next door to a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag store.
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