You're Doing It Wrong

May 5, 2010 at 4:00 am
As Sideshow Bob once noted, life is about choices — you can make the right one or the wrong one, but you may not know which you picked till further down the road. The creators and contributors to the zine-esque art project Shit Yeah are making all the "wrong" choices. It's 2010: Zines have been replaced by Tumblr, you should have maintain a Rubiyat-like Web presence to shore up your importance if you're going to be a successful (read: selling) artist, and you don't ever open your one-night only show on a Monday. By working in a outdated medium, purposefully ignoring the farcical online world and demanding you come to them on a dead night of the week, Shit Yeah's cast of characters are well on their way to...something. Call it street cred, or total control of their image, or plain old American contrariness, but Kill the Bear, the group's exhibition of their creative impulses, is everything right about doing it the wrong way. Kill the Bear is open to the mature audiences from 7 to 11 p.m. at 1531 Washington Avenue. The press release notes that "there is going to be some really good art, and some really bad art." So see it, or don't. Admission is free.
Mon., May 10, 2010