Best Of 2004

Best Rams Player: Torry Holt

As riveting as it was to follow last season's morality play about NFL wide receivers who showboat in the end zone -- and what's so wrong with injecting a little entertainment into the stultifying stoppages that punctuate football games? -- it was even more beguiling to watch Torry Holt and his Rams receiving-corps brethren absent themselves from all the self-pimping and quietly go about the bidness of catching balls. Lots of balls. In his fifth pro season, Holt's 1,696 yards and 117 receptions were tops in the NFL, earning him honors as the Rams' MVP and the league's Receiver of the Year, not to mention the All Pro accolades. When he steps to the podium to accept this (far more prestigous) RFT award, the gracious Holt will no doubt thank his fellow Ram wideouts -- in particular Isaac Bruce, who in his eleven-year career has set the pro-sports standard for class acts.

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