Best of St. Louis is back with everything you need re-engage or get away.

You’re here. We’re here. Maybe that shouldn’t feel like the accomplishment that it does, but there’s nothing like a hard twelve months (OK, nineteen months) to remind us of everything we had taken for granted.

The tacos are more delicious, the parks more refreshing, the music more piercing. This has been a year to appreciate all that St. Louis has to offer, and our writers, editors and photographers have been hard at work on a guide to the best of, basically, everything. Looking for the best Italian food you can eat in the metro region? RFT food editor Cheryl Baehr knows just the place. Curious about which politician is doing it right? Check out our pick. Thinking of moving to a new neighborhood? Read on.

The theme this year is Near and Far, a framework we used to give you ways to re-emerge a bit as well as plenty of options to get away, whether that is a day trip in search of pizza, a hiking trip or just a little space inside the city. Everyone is taking life at their own speed these days, and we’ve got something for all of you.

More than just a guide of where to go and what to do, our annual Best of St. Louis is our way of taking stock of our hometown. It’s a snapshot of the current moment, a remembrance of the past and a peek into the future. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to seeing you around town soon.
— Doyle Murphy, editor in chief