Best Of 2005

Best FM Radio Personality: DJ Kaos

It's been chaos this year for the DJ formerly known as Big Sexy Kooool. In July he engaged in a controversial exchange with KATZ (100.3 FM) morning-show co-host Syllli Asz, riffing on a hypothetical situation in which a cop released a suspect from handcuffs and invited him to spar. Suddenly civic muckety mucks and other know-nothings -- who hadn't even heard the broadcast -- were calling for the two DJs to be fired. KATZ parent company Clear Channel promptly complied. And so St. Louis FM radio lost its best personality. Kaos was entertaining and insightful, hinting at deep issues without pretension. And the fans responded, bringing Kaos in the Morning to near the top of the rankings. Losing St. Louis' other hip-hop station, WFUN (95.5 FM), and Kaos' former drive-time rival J-Nicks was a shame -- losing Kaos compounds the tragedy.

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