Best Of 2009

Best Mayoral Dis: "See N Say"

"Leadership is not in your position but in your actions," goes half the hook to Rockwell Knuckles' vitriolic attack on St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. "See N Say," released earlier this year on the local rapper's sophomore album, The Glow Mixtape, came with the not-too-subtle parenthetical title of "Mayor Slay Diss." Listen closely to Rocky's rapid-fire lyrics and you'll hear why: "Take a look at Mayor Slay/schools closin' every day/kids forced to play with yay/while he's smiling looking fake/city's all in disarray." With woozy synthesizers, a booming bass drum and handclaps for a beat, the song is a more authentic and passionate plea for a new approach to the problems of the city's north side than anything the mayor's political rivals were able to muster during this election year.