10 Delicious New Summer Cocktails in St. Louis

"Le Moribond" at Blood and Sand | Ed Aller
"Le Moribond" at Blood and Sand | Ed Aller

Memorial Day has just unofficially ushered in the start of summer. To celebrate, we've rounded up some incredible new cocktails that serve up the essence of summer in a glass. Each recipe is filled with the bright colors of just-picked fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Linger over these delicious concoctions during summer's long steamy days and nights.

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Le Moribond at Blood and Sand (1500 Saint Charles Street; 314-241-7263)

The "Le Moribond" cocktail at Blood and Sand is bright and floral with fresh blackberry puree, juniper-flavored Bol's Genever, lime juice and a garden herb syrup. Egg whites and chocolate and burlesque bitters add a delicate note, while ground Korean chili and Sichuan pepper create an effervescent sensation on the tongue with a lightly smoky aroma.

Death in the Afternoon's "Super Good Advice" cocktail | Eva Martiny
Death in the Afternoon's "Super Good Advice" cocktail | Eva Martiny

Death in the Afternoon's Super Good Advice (808 Chestnut Street; 314-621-3236)

The "Super Good Advice" cocktail at Death in the Afternoon is refreshing and bubbly. Fresh dill and citrusy lemon pair well with the earthy Milagro reposado tequila. Black pepper-infused simple syrup adds a playful kick, while a sparkling cava topper balances all of the flavors beautifully.

Planter's House's "Blooming Beatnik" | Ted Kilgore
Planter's House's "Blooming Beatnik" | Ted Kilgore

The Blooming Beatnik at Planter's House (1000 Mississippi Avenue; 314-696-2603)

The beet-infused "Blooming Beatnik" cocktail at Planter's House was inspired by the heady flavor combination of the South American brandy Pisco Porton with fresh mint and roasted beet syrup. North Shore No. 6 Gin, Velvet Falernum, fresh lemon and spring bitters compliment and round out the profile.

The "Summer Spritz" at Niche | courtesy of Niche
The "Summer Spritz" at Niche | courtesy of Niche

The Summer Spritz at Niche (7734 Forsyth Boulevard; 314-773-7755)

Niche's "Summer Spritz" combines Dolin Blanc vermouth for soft bitterness, St. George Pear Brandy for a layer of orchard fruit and intense aromatics, and a house-made honey vinegar for a hint of sweet smoothness and crisp cleansing acidity. A topper of club soda adds refreshing bubbles, while a garnish of dried red buds offer a pop of color.

"The Bailey" cocktail  at Olio | Brian Heffernan
"The Bailey" cocktail at Olio | Brian Heffernan

The Bailey at Olio (1634 Tower Grove Avenue; 314-932-1088)

"The Bailey" cocktail, now on the menu at Olio, graced the hands of Ernest Hemingway during his 1920s expatriate days while in the company of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Dorothy Parker on the French Riviera. With simple ingredients of dry gin, fresh squeezed lime and grapefruit juice, mint from the garden, and the stingiest amount of sugar, this cocktail is a classic cure for hot summers in St. Louis.

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