British Study Shows Organic Milk is Healthier. For Now.

In the constant back-and-forth about the nutritional differences between organic and conventional products, the Independent reports that organic milk is healthier, according to a study at Newcastle University. The study compared 22 brands of milk and concluded that organic milk has lower saturated fats and more healthy fatty acids. This, after a study last year indicated there's no difference between organic and conventional foods. And the study four years ago that said the health benefits of organic milk were minimal.

Why drink milk when you can drink whisky from a can? The Daily Mail features the latest in ridiculous canned alcoholic beverages - Scottish Spirits brand whisky, which started test-marketing 12-ounce cans of whisky in the Caribbean and South America last week. The Panama-based company says they're trying to appeal to outdoorsy whisky-drinkers. The Scotch Whisky Association isn't amused, and is trying to ban the product based on violation of international labeling rules. A spokesman for the group said, "We are concerned that consumers may be confused whether or not the product is real Scotch and we will be investigating the matter further."

We need more wine grapes. According the UPI, the varietals of wine grapes we've used for hundreds of years are prone to disease. All wine grapes originate from the species Vitis vinifera vinifera, for which scientists at Standford University have produced over 1000 genome maps in hopes of designing new wine grapes.

A Chicago Bears fan has issued a plea against cheese. Chicago Now's Ernest Wilkins loves cheese, but he loves the Bears more. So much so that, as a show of solidarity, he will shun cheese consumption between now and the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers playoff game next weekend. He's asking his Bears breatheren to join him in cutting the cheese.

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