Imo's Guy Cheered the Blues to a Saucy Playoff Victory Over San Jose

May 14, 2019 at 11:57 am

St. Louis got a new hero last night and he is … beyond compare.

If you were watching the St. Louis Blues take on the San Jose Sharks last night, you probably saw him sitting behind the bench. Decked out in head-to-toe Imo’s gear and a red bodysuit, the man who would soon be known as #ImosGuy silently proclaimed his love for the Provel-topped pizza and, in the process, stole the show.

KSDK reports that #ImosGuy is a Blues fan named Nick Palank, who attended the game at the Shark Tank with his brother.

"I work for Imo's and I love it," Palank told KSDK. "We just want to bring awareness to St. Louis style pizza. It just gets too much of a bad name."

In a video interview from the game last night, Palank also sported a plaid scarf in what he said was a nod to favorite son Jon Hamm’s personal style. It doesn't get more St. Louis than that.

The clip ends with the Palank brothers dropping the Rick Flair “Woooo!” which has become a sound at Blues games that’s almost as popular as the ubiquitous “Let’s Go Blues!”

And #ImosGuy’s enthusiasm was rewarded. The Blues crushed the Sharks last night 4-2. Everybody knew that would happen, though. The Sharks always choke when it really matters.

Back here in St. Louis, we’re already celebrating what is sure to be a victory over the little fishes. And now #ImosGuy will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Blues fans took to Twitter last night to sing his praises:

Towel Man, you have some competition.

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