La Dolce Via is Back and All's Right With the World

Mar 7, 2009 at 12:18 pm
La Dolce Via owner Marcia Sindel, once again the baker of the city's finest scones. - Jennifer Silverberg
Jennifer Silverberg
La Dolce Via owner Marcia Sindel, once again the baker of the city's finest scones.
Things to make St. Louisans happy this weekend: the (temporary) onset of spring, lovely warm weather (also temporary), waking up in the morning to the happy chirping of birds, the sight of Girl Scouts peddling their cookies outside Schnuck's and the greatest of all: the reopening of La Dolce Via (4470 Arco Avenue; Web site).

After a two-month absence for remodeling, the Forest Park Southeast bakery and cafe is open for business. It's got a new paint job, a new floor, and a shiny new counter with a barstool (from which a certain little girl would not budge, despite the crowds and the entreaties of her parents) has replaced the old pastry case. It's also got a new breakfast delicacy: raspberry muffins.

But, in essentials, the place is exactly the same. Same espresso bar, same menus written on white boards, same mismatched furniture and kids' play area. Owner Marcia Sindel and servers Chris and Andrea still foam the lattes and bring out plates of omlettes and pancakes from the kitchen and greet the customers like old friends.

And yes, they still make those scones. They were on sale this morning. I snagged the last one around 11:30. They are as delicious as ever. Here's another sign that the world may not be going to crap after all.

(Note: There would have been pictures of all this wonderfulness, but I forgot my camera at the office. Why don't you take this as a sign that you should come by and see all this for yourself?)