Methyl Iodine Approved as Strawberry Pesticide.

Your berries might have a little something extra. Slashfood reports that California's approved methyl iodide for use as a pesticide on strawberries. It's not just the bugs who are unhappy about it - the substance is so toxic that environmental and farm workers groups have filed suit against the state.

Say no to methyl iodide, yes to sperm whale cholesterol! The Atlantic looks at the cult of ambergris - clotted sperm whale cholesterol that, apparently, makes cocktails extra-awesome. Beverage expert Derek Brown gives the recipe for an antique ambergris-spiked cocktail he encountered at a holiday party. He compares the cholesterol to truffles, since it's shaved into the drink and costs a fortune.

Wine writer Lettie Teague isn't happy about some wine-selling practices, and they don't even include clotted sperm whale cholesterol. She takes to the Wall Street Journal to decry the wine upsell. Even experts like Teague and her colleagues aren't immune to sommelier slick-talk. She recounts some upsell horror stories from unlikely consumers, and offers tips on how to avoid opening your wallet when the sommelier says you deserve something special.

At least our food packaging is getting smarter. The BBC says that scientists in Scotland are developing food wrappers that change color when the food goes bad. The modified atmosphere packaging will change when the package is broken, passed its expiration date, or hasn't been kept at the proper temperature, thus eliminating any need to read labels or pay attention to what you've purchased.

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