Mulligan Stew

A canapé tray of local food news

Jul 19, 2000 at 4:00 am
Here are some more random tidbits from official and unofficial sources on the local food scene:

First, from the Department of D'oh!, a couple of corrections. Vince Bommarito Sr. at Tony's alerted us to the fact that his son Anthony, not Vince Jr., is in charge at Anthony's Bar. Apologies to the family -- we didn't mean to slight any of you, and Vince Sr. is certainly blessed to be able to work with multiple sons at his side. And in one that I figured out all by myself (and wondered whether "D'oh!" could be translated by my waiter when he heard me exclaim it), the new Vietnamese restaurant on Laclede's Landing (710 N. Second St., 314-588-0777) is called the Bamboo Café, not the Bamboo Inn as reported a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of the Landing, congratulations are in order for Marc Gottfried at the Morgan Street Brewery (721 N. Second St., 314-231-9970), who snagged a bronze award at the World Beer Cup 2000 in New York City for Morgan Street's Golden Pilsner. More than 1,000 beers were entered in the competition.

And speaking of congratulations, be sure to give some to grenache evangelist Brent Warren, manager of the Creve Coeur branch of the Wine Merchant (12669 Olive Blvd., 314-469-4500), should you happen to stop in the store. He and wife Laura became the parents of August (Brent swears it's a family name, not an homage to the local brewery) on July 4.