Review Preview: Flaco's Cocina

Feb 5, 2008 at 11:45 am

I'm supposed to mention that Flaco's Cocina, which opened late last year in the Soviet Bloc-style strip mall and office complex at the intersection of Delmar Boulevard and I-170, is an homage to the late, lamented Flaco's Taco. This, I've learned after bugging a few longtime St. Louisans, was the restaurant that introduced the fish taco to the area. Which is a wonderfully obscure claim to fame. I'd like to think that somewhere in San Diego are the shuttered remnants of the beloved mom-and-pop Italian restaurant responsible for introducing the toasted ravioli to Southern California.

This week I visit Flaco's Cocina, the new casual Mexican restaurant in University City. Check back here tomorrow to see what I think.

-Ian Froeb