Vote for St. Louis' Most Overrated Burger: Round One

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Blueberry Hill garnered multiple nominations for St. Louis' most overrated burger.
Blueberry Hill garnered multiple nominations for St. Louis' most overrated burger.

We asked you to nominate the most overrated burgers in St. Louis, and you responded. While your nominations might not have contained many surprises -- then again, an overrated burger can't be a surprise, can it? -- your reasons were highly entertaining.

Page through to see the six semifinalists for St. Louis' most overrated burger.

Two quick notes before we list the semifinalists:

- Unlike our poll for St. Louis' most underrated burger, this one contains a national chain. I'd hoped to keep this poll strictly St. Louis, but the number of nominations that this chain received couldn't be ignored.

- The poll does include a write-in option, so if your not-favorite missed the cut, feel free to vote for it now.

St. Louis' Most Overrated Burger: The Semifinalists

Baileys' Range (920 Olive Street; 314-241-8121)

Cheri: Super hyped up, mediocre taste.

Blueberry Hill (6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-727-4444)

Chub-z-ub-z: Blueberry Hill's burger gets my vote for the most OVERRATED burger in St. Louis. I really believe that it only makes it in the ''best of" every year, because all of Joe Edward's employees are required to stuff the ballot box full of nominations for it. I defy anyone to place BB Hill's burger next to O'Connell's and Seamus McDaniel's burgers, do a taste test, and HONESTLY try to tell me that it's as good or better than those.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (multiple locations)

Mark Farace: Five Guys. Did they take the Burger Chef model and re-do it to fail again, or are they just figuring if the population of the area all buys just one burger each, they can call it a day. Give me a bowling alley burger (2 at the same price) before I go here again.

O'Connell's Pub (4652 Shaw Avenue; 314-773-6600)

Sally: O'Connells - because the place is swell, people think the burgers are too. They are VERY ORDINARY!

The Royale (3132 South Kingshighway Boulevard; 314-772-3600)

Adammgillespie: I love the royale but their signature burger bores me and is overrated.

Seamus McDaniel's (1208 Tamm Avenue; 314-645-6337)

Eric: Seamus McDaniel's, definitely. Not too far removed from any other bar burger, and usually over salted.

Page through to vote!

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