ABBA and the SLSO Want You to Be a "Dancing Queen" at Powell Hall

Jun 11, 2010 at 10:27 am

As if the SLSO wasn't busy enough having a critically lauded Youth Orchestra, now comes word that the orchestra is pairing up with an ABBA tribute band named Arrival for a special concert on September 11. According to the event's information page, "Arrival recreates the ABBA experience, from every note of the music, right down to costume replicas. Powell Hall goes retro with performances of ABBA greatest hits including 'Dancing Queen,' and 'Voulez Vous.'" Ward Stare will conduct. Tickets are available here. I'd put a video of Arrival here, but there appear to be several tribute bands with that name vying for attention in the UK and Europe. Instead, here's a mash-up of Abba and Echo & the Bunnymen that's all kinds of brilliant: