Andrew W.K. Speaking Tour Coming to Ready Room to Discuss "The Power of Partying"

Jul 25, 2016 at 7:14 am
click to enlarge Andrew W.K. Speaking Tour Coming to Ready Room to Discuss "The Power of Partying"
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The self-proclaimed King of Partying, singer Andrew W.K. has somehow made a career out of his 2001 novelty tune "Party Hard." Of course, W.K. has recorded and toured regularly in the decade or so since he got his big break. The raspy-voiced hard rocker has also gotten gigs as a kids' TV show host, a motivational speaker and some work as a producer. But still, nothing's had as much impact as the rowdy rocker "Party Hard," though like-minded tunes such as "It's Time to Party" and "Long Live the Party" come close.

Now, W.K. has announced dates for The Power of Partying, his first nationwide speaking tour, which includes stops in all 50 U.S. states. (The tour comes to the Ready Room on October 29.) Each evening will provide “an intimate celebration of discussion, a pep rally for the inner spirit, and an optimistic look at the overwhelming intensity of life.” Tickets for all dates are on sale now through

Each engagement will feature “Andrew's speech on living the party life” and also include an open question and answer session, as well as a chance to meet the man in person.

"This is not a political party rally, it's a rally about partying with the political elements set aside," says W.K. in a press release. “This is my attempt to add something positive and unifying to the divisive atmosphere surrounding us in so many different forms. Without targeting or preaching to any one side, I want to see if we can party together in our common humanity. We will have a party about being people. By its very nature, the inner experience of a human being can be a vortex of confusion and clarity. The current climate in America isn't always aiding us in how to best grapple with the fundamental complexities of being who we are - being at our best."

He doesn't intend to discuss any "particular political issue" either.

"We're looking to fortify the foundation of our spirit, so that we can each follow our individual destiny and pursue our own personal exploration of life as best we can," he says. "We are uniting around what we have in common - our shared humanity. This tour is a coming together for the sake of partying together. Even if we have different ideas from one another, or don't know all the answers to all the questions, we can still party together. This is a celebration of positive partying - this is a party about partying."

In addition to the Power of Partying speaking tour, Andrew W.K. will also perform select shows with his full band.