Shame Club Come On CD release show and Story Outtakes

Nov 1, 2007 at 11:41 pm

In this week's paper, I also talked to the mighty Shame Club, who are celebrating the release of a new album, Come On, this Saturday at the Bluebird, with Victoria and Laite.

Here are two MP3s from the album to listen to as you're reading. (Links will be up tomorrow after I get to work.)

Shame Club -- "Don't Feel Like Making Love"

Shame Club -- "I Just Want You To Be Free"

Shame Club recorded On in Norman, Oklahoma, home of the the Universiy of Oklahoma (and its teams, the Sooners), which prompted this exchange...

Andy White: Which is where the college is, where the Sooners are. It's a small town, but since the Sooners play there, the population turns to 90,000 on game weekends or some shit. Jon Lumley: The Sooners, those guys are good, too. I have their first record. [laughter all around] Have you heard them?

I have actually. They’re kind of prog-influenced, right? Lumley: Proggy, like disco-prog.

The band worked with Carl Amburn -- and even stayed at his studio/house while out there.

Eric Eyster: We got to sleep in tents in Carl’s house… Lumley: Oh yeah, it was cool! I slept outside. Eyster: You stay in the studio. He lives in a house… White: You don’t have to, but we opted to because he let us, essentially…” Ken McCray: There’s pictures of us with our cots laid right next to my drumset, right next to the bass…like, in the studio room. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I could, I’d sleep right on my drums at all times.

The band had nothing but good things to say about Carl.

White: For a dude that didn’t live in St. Louis and isn’t super-close friends with us or whatever, he really gave a shit. He likes our music. And that helped quite a bit. Lumley: It wasn’t so much the paycheck, it was genuine interest in the end-project. White: It’s definitely the best-produced thing we’ll have put out, for sure. McCray: But the best part is, you can’t have that kind of sound without having that kind of sound anyway. [laughs]

-- Annie Zaleski