Skanksgiving: Where to Get Your Skank On Tonight!

Don't be fooled, she's feeling extra skanky today.
Don't be fooled, she's feeling extra skanky today.

At last, our third favorite holiday is upon us: Skanksgiving. It doesn't have the earthy cachet of 4/20, nor the heartwarming appeal of the Day You Finally Get Your Tax Refund Day, but Skanksgiving is still one of the happiest days of the year. After donning your holiday glad rags, it's time to get debaucherous and not just a little drunk; possibly even drunk enough to hook up with that high school crush you've been Facebook stalking. There's nothing like the threat of uninterrupted family bonding time to bring out the slutty little pony in you.

So, where can you get plotzed tonight?

Black Spade is releasing his new album, The Sweetest Revenge, at The Gramophone. As is his custom, he's got a handful of Force spitters and beat alchemists in tow: Tef Poe, Rocky Knuckles, Nato Caliph, Teresa Payne, DJ Needles, and DJ Agile One. Show starts at 9pm, and if you're over 21, $10 gets you in the door, a vinyl copy of the LP, plus digital download and a bonus vinyl EP.

Dollar Bin is always an epic shitshow by the end of the night, with well-dressed hipsters tossing back whiskey shots and sloshing dollar PBR all over their thrift store couture, and Skanksgiving promises to be much different, and by different we mean much more crapulous. DJ DeadasDisco will be on the decks as usual, with a little help from DJ EJ. The Loud Outfit will be posted up in the Fox Hole, and the whole affair is only $3, provided you're grown and sexy and 21.

Stop, drop, shut 'em down, open up shop...90's rap icon and Ruff Ryder DMX is spending his Skanksgiving on Wash Ave. at Club Amnesia. Tickets are $20-375, and doors are at 9pm.

Is there anything that screams skankariffic like The Last Waltz? The Stag Nite All-Stars once again hold it down at Off Broadway, playing well-loved jams from the 1978 film and other Band classics. Members of Rum Drum Ramblers, Racketbox, Old Lights, Alley Ghost, Red Headed Strangers, Magic City and many, many more will be on hand, among others. Tickets are $13 at the door, and the show starts at 9pm.

18andCounting's new residency at Flamingo Bowl continues tonight. It's free, runs from 10pm to 3am, and industry types can bring their pay stubs for extra good specials.

Legendary Dead tribute band Jake's Leg celebrate their 35th anniversary at The Pageant, which makes them a full year older than this esteemed publication (est. 1977). The ever-popular Aaron Kamm and the One Drops are opening. $10 gets you in the door, and the show starts at 8pm.

After that, head to 2720 Cherokee, where your Jake's Leg ticket stub buys you a few more hours of tributary jam, by way of Mom's Kitchen, a Widespread Panic tribute band. It's $7 otherwise, and $10 for the 18 and ups.

Head to Molly's in Soulard for the annual Alive Magazine soiree. Meet the top 20 sexy and successful finalists at their Most Wanted Thanksgiving Eve Party, and then watch 16 of them get their egos trampled when the Top Four are announced. Nothing puts one in a skanky mood like being rated less sexy and less successful than someone else. Party kicks off at 9pm, and the cover is $10, but the admission gets you two free "sponsored" cocktails.

What's your Skanksgiving plan of attack?

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