Spin-Off Contestant #1: Rob Gray


Name: Rob Gray

Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/dilatedrecords Age: 32 How Long Have You Been DJing? I've been DJing for 13 years now.

Describe the style of music you play. I play a variety of music, many forms of House Music, Drum N Bass, Acid Jazz N Downtempo, Minimal Tech and anything DIRTY!!!

What's your favorite place in St. Louis to spin? Definitely Urban Lounge! The atmosphere is really laid back and relaxed.

Do you have a DJ idol? If so, who is it? I would have to say Don Tinsley. That man is AMAZING!!!

What made you get into DJing? MUSIC!!! Love of beats, sounds and rhythm. Being able to manipulate sounds to yours and everyone elses liking!!!

What's your guaranteed dancefloor-filler? "Everything" by DJ ION of St.Louis on the Aroma Label. Great track!

Who are you looking forward to see, if you win and get to attend Ultra? Rabbit in the Moon definitely. They put on a really great show. I would also be looking forward to the Drum N bass Arena. Lotta good music there!

Why should people vote for you at the Spin-Off, to be the winner? I would hope people would vote for me based on talent, performance and track selection. That's what it's about!

Other Info? I do an internet Radio Show based in the UK on myhouse-yourhouse.net on a regular basis and run an independent music label with my good friend Don Tinsley! The label is called Left Hand Man and tracks are available on various download sites.

This would be a great opportunity to showcase the music we create and the other artists featured on our label. Not to mention representing St. Louis in a proper fashion!

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