Testy Nelly Gets Hot When Poker Player Tells Him to "Get Under My Nuts"

click to enlarge In all honesty, it would have been a lot more hot in here if he would have taken him up on the offer. - SCREENSHOT FROM TMZ'S VIDEO
In all honesty, it would have been a lot more hot in here if he would have taken him up on the offer.

St. Louis' own Nelly is known for many things: rapping, acting, playing poker and, now, for not being even remotely interested in being beneath anyone's testicles.

TMZ reports that Nelly was playing poker at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut last week prior to a scheduled performance later that evening when he was given an unwelcome invitation to climb up under a fellow poker player's genitals.

Being told by another player to "get up under my nuts" apparently didn't sit well with the rapper, and he promptly turned to the casino's pit boss to register his dissatisfaction. That's where TMZ's video begins.

"He's talking about his balls because I said, 'You don't know how to play?' And you said, 'Get under my nuts?'" a heated Nelly can be heard to say in the video, to which the pit boss claims that he didn't hear the remark. "I'm wrong?" Nelly responds incredulously. "I'm telling you what he said!"

"Just stop. Alright?" the pit boss replies. "Enough's enough."

Seeming to suddenly remember that casinos tend not to take kindly to irate gamblers hollering at their staff, Nelly then sits down and lowers his tone, repeatedly saying, "I expected you to be on their side," in disappointment. Even though the situation appears to have deescalated, the other player has apparently had enough.

"I don't wanna play anymore. I'm done," he tells the dealer. "I'm ready to go. I don't want to be at this table with him. I don't want to play my hand anymore."

But Nelly isn't done just yet.

"This man tells me about his nuts and you wanna tell me something else," he grumbles. "You don't want to hear it."

The confrontation appears to settle down after that point, to the point where Nelly was able to stay at the table and keep playing. Still, the whole exchange makes clear an easy strategy for anyone who may be playing against him:

Need to rattle Nelly's cage during a game? Start tossing out invitations regarding your nuts! You should probably make sure staff is nearby when you do so, though, and maybe watch your back when walking to your car later. He really doesn't like it.

Watch the video for yourself below.

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