The Best St. Louis Hip-Hop Shows: February 2014

Feb 14, 2014 at 9:06 am
Pusha T - Press Photo
Press Photo
Pusha T

This February -- known as "Dilla month" by hip-hop heads -- is celebrating J Dilla in a big way, with many of St. Louis' most notable acts coming together to celebrate the renowned producer. While this month is on a very local tip, national act 2 Chainz will make an appearance at the end, which, knowing 2 Chainz, will be an experience all on its own.

For The Love of Dilla: A Tribute to James Dewitt Yancey at Blank Space February 14 9 p.m. / $5

St. Louis' first Dilla tribute show features sets by DJ Kase One and Black Spade. Proclaimed beat digger, record connoisseur and hip-hop expert Kase will hold you down with some fly tunes until special guest Black Spade takes the stage. And Spade? He needs no introduction. As a major staple of the St. Louis hip-hop community, he's worked with both national and local artists; his diverse beats and sounds will surely honor Dilla's memory. Hosts Thelonius Kryptonite and Fallout Morris, and Strange Donuts' "Dilla Dones" are just icing on the... well, donut. All proceeds go to the J Dilla Foundation.

Futuristic with DJ Kode Break & Devvon Terrell and Demrick & Denzil Porter at The Mad Magician February 20 7 p.m. / $10-$15

Futuristic is a semi-local guy who grew up in Bloomington, Illinois, now based out of Tempe, Arizona. In his early twenties, his storytelling abilities and humorous flow have already gained him a loyal following. Armed with the phrase "I had to do it", and with two tours under his belt, Futuristic makes a stop in St. Louis on his No Time For Bulls#!t Tour.