Party Animals (Abacus Recordings)

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Economists don't typically cite Norway as a heavyweight exporter, but the icy nation does sling a few items our way: 1) seafood, 2) death metal and 3) Turbonegro. Party Animals, Turbonegro's sixth album, proves these denim-clad sailors are serious about furthering their legacy of anti-politically correct world domination. Party Animals continues to provide the adolescent humor of older albums such as Ass Cobra (witness song titles like "Blow Me (Like the Wind)" and "Hot Stuff/Hot Shit") but lays it over a more polished sound, thanks to producer Steve McDonald, whose talent has soothed the rawness of previous recordings. The lengthy "City of Satan" starts out as an '80s glam-rock arena anthem but transitions through a guitar solo into a rock-opera crescendo. Drilling guitars pound through the rest of the album, making Party Animals the perfect soundtrack to a night of mailbox-bashing or beer pong.

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