What Did People Do This Weekend?

I only went to one rock show, the Centro-matic/Monahans/Theodore gig at Off Broadway on Saturday night, but boy, it was a doozy. Just a fantastic night of live music. So, where else did people go this weekend? Did anybody go see Woodhands? I hear Asobi Seksu was packed -- and someone just left me a comment on that thread:

Dear Ms. to the Z,

      i was at the stella mora/asobi seksu show and it was really grand. i think those kids have got something there. the hipsters and emoks (small furry emo kids) runnin' round drinking rail whiskey till their hair looks good were a perfect frontdrop for a stupendous show. i'd trade my iphone for your love! ;) toodles!

Whoever this is, the term "emoks" made my pre-coffee morning. Thank you. Anybody else momentous happen?

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