With Dead Hands Rising

Wednesday, January 11; Ramp Riders (2324 Salena Street)

With Dead Hands Rising

Show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5; call 314 -776-4025 for more information

Modern metalcore groups love mortality-referencing monikers — which makes sense, given that it's an inherently macabre genre. However, band names such as As I Lay Dying and Every Time I Die communicate vulnerable, self-pitying sentiments. By contrast, With Dead Hands Rising conjures the indelible image of Carrie's vengeful arm emerging from the grave (not to mention countless zombies emerging fingers-first from their tombs). WDHR injects death-metal elements (low-pitched growling vocals, frenzied blast-beats) into its anthemic hardcore tunes, like a resurrected corpse getting its ghoulish revenge by stabbing a living mortician with a formaldehyde-filled syringe. With Dead Hands Rising doesn't take itself too seriously, but just because these guys pose for goofy pictures doesn't mean they're not live killers. Anyone who strolls idly into the pit during one of this band's breakdowns risks joining the ranks of the undead.
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