Baton Bob: Former St. Louis Icon In Custody; Police "Arrested My Ass!!!!!!"

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Baton Bob from his days in St. Louis.
Baton Bob from his days in St. Louis.

Bob Jamerson, a.k.a. Baton Bob, the flamboyant street performer who gained fame marching through the streets of St. Louis in the early 2000s, was arrested yesterday in his new hometown of Atlanta.

Jamerson was celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling Wednesday that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act when he got into a verbal altercation with a security guard that led to his arrest. Just prior to the incident, Jamerson reportedly wrote on his Facebook page:

"Today, I am dedicating my SET to 'GAY MARRIAGE'!!!!!!.....Here Comes The BRIDE!!!!!.....I should be able to MARRY the mother F*CKING MAN of my DREAMS, WITHOUT the APPROVAL of HUMANS!!!!!.....ALL I'M SAYING!!!!!"

While in St. Louis, Jamerson frequently ran afoul of police and passersby.

In 2004 the self-proclaimed "Ambassador of Mirth" lost his job as paid street performer for the Central West End Business Association after accosting people he thought came from the suburbs and then screaming profanities at them.

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"Well, get out of your fucking box!" Jamerson shouted at outdoor diners and others in the Central West End. "I did. I found out who I fucking am!"

Jamerson moved to Atlanta not long after. As for yesterday's arrest, the LGBT website Project Q Atlanta reports that Jamerson plans to keep marching -- just as soon as he posts bond. Yesterday, Jamerson expressed disbelief that the security guard did not know who he was and conceded that police treated him respectfully. Per Jamerson's Facebook page (that now appears to be disabled):

"First of all, the atl police officer that responded to the incident thru security has been very respectful and gracious to me even in handcuffs. So, the situation escalated from a complaint from a security officer in the area and for some reason she rolled up on me like she didn't know who I was and like I had not been there before. For them to call police to come to intervene was not necessary. So, out of it, because of my fury, the Atlanta police officer did not understand the elements of the situation, so he was trying to do his job, respectfully and arrested my ass!!!!!!!!! I'll be out tomorrow so look out for my show at 14th and Peachtree. So now I'm waiting to be transported so I can sign my own bond and get the hell out of here. I want to verify, that the Atlanta police was respectful to me considering the circumstances. See you when I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Continue on for a video of Jamerson displaying his incredible baton and dancing skills.

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