Blago to Compete on Next Celebrity Apprentice

It's been years since "You're fired!", accompanied by a cobra-like flick of Donald Trump's right hand, became a national catchphrase, so long, in fact, that Trump has resorted to casting celebrities instead of regular old celebrity-whores on his reality show The Apprentice.

But now we may have a reason to watch the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, which commences March 14. Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is one of the chosen fourteen contestants who will be competing for glory and charity money.

Which will offend Trump the most: Blago's lack of business sense, his baseball allegiance or his hair?
Which will offend Trump the most: Blago's lack of business sense, his baseball allegiance or his hair?

Though Blago could maybe use a job with Trump, seeing as the Illinois legislature cut him loose last year, though not with a phrase as succinct as "You're fired". His attempt to compete on the show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! ended in failure, as participation in taping in Costa Rica would violate the terms of his parole. (He sent his f-bomb-dropping wife Patti in his stead.) He has, however, had mild success as an Elvis impersonator.

"It's a wilderness period for me," Blagojevich confided to the Associated Press in an attempt to make himself sound noble. "But sometimes real opportunities develop in your life's journey that you can't really see when you're facing tumultuous times and the kind of storm that I'm facing."

(Well, hey, at least it looks like he may be laying off the Kipling.)

Among Blago's competitors will be former Poison singer (and Rock of Love star) Bret Michaels, former WWF wrestler Goldberg, former Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson, former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and former baseball great and O'Fallon resident Darryl Strawberry. (Do you sense a theme here?) Also Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, Sinbad and a bunch of other "celebrities" nobody's ever heard of.

If Blago wins, the Children's Cancer Center gets $1 million. So does rooting against Rod make you a bad person?

In any case, the sight of Blagojevich's coif beside Trump's famous toupee should be quite something. Particularly if they go outside on a windy day.

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